From Funk to a free media infrastructure, talk at Youth, Media & Culture Network

The Youth, Media & Culture Network in cooperation with the International Association of Public Media Researchers (IAPMR) has been holding a series of three dialogues on the relation between Public Service Media (PSM) and the young generation.

Dialogue One, “Platforms and Public Service Media”, on 04 March 2021 started with my 20 minutes talk “From Funk to a free media infrastructure”. Please find the slides with clickable links here.

Next was a talk by Laura Jane Filotrani about her PhD research on eSports journalism. She is also a founding member of ACES, the International eSports Association and set up the eSports live-stream for the Guardian.

Finally, Ben Mallaby presented his PhD research on Twitch as a platform for broadcast and performance, specifically of comedy.

The dialogue was moderated by Lizzie Jackson, Director of Research and Enterprise in the School of Arts and Creative Industries, London South Bank University and President of the IAPMR.

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