Free Culture Forum 2010

The second Free Culture Forum took place in Barcelona from 28 to 31 October.

The plenary presentations were given on 29 October in the University of Bacelona. I had my nine minutes of fame in the session entitled “The Sustainability of Cultural Production in the digital era: other hypotheses.” You can watch the video recording (ogg, starting at 00:12:00), read my talk and look at my slides (pdf).

organized by Exgae La EX, claiming to channel “the peoples’ justified hostility towards some cultural industries lobbies,”  that is the Spanish collective music rights management association SGAE. Their declared goal: to “put an end to the monopoly and non-constitutionality of these groups and their private goals.”

Nadja Smith hat John Weitzmann und mich für das deutsche Fenster im Barcelona TV interviewt: Info Alemany zum Free Culture Forum.

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