„Vienna Music Business Research Days“ audio recordings online

compartilhamento-legalOn 9.-10. June 2010 the „Vienna Music Business Research Days“ took place, a very important meeting for the Sharing Licence. It was organized by Peter Tschmuck, professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna and author of the Music Business Research blog. The meeting brought two great pairs of opponents together, Stan Liebowitz (University of Texas at Dallas) and Felix Oberholzer-Gee (Harvard Business School) in the academic arena, and Peter Jenner (music manager and music producer, London) and Richard Mollet (The British Recorded Music Industry – BPI) from music business practice. Eric Garland (CEO BigChampagne) brought in some of his unchallenged knowledge about file-sharing. The slides and papers have been online for a while. Now, also the audio recordings have become available for streaming and download.

The presentations and debate on the first day, 9.6.2010, in cooperation with Austrian public broadcaster ORF, were in German. The discussants were Swiss-born Felix Oberholzer-Gee (Harvard Business School) and Philip Ginthör (General Manager of Sony Music Entertainment Austria) on

The second day of the conference was in English. If you have little time, and want to get a compact one-and-a-half hour overview of the controversial model of the Sharing Licence, I recommend listening to the Closing Debate. If your interest and attention economy permits, I highly recommend listening to all the recordings. (You might want to forward each of them a bit, unless you have the patience to look for pre-talk off-the record recording gems. The recording level is quite low, so you might want to put all possible volume settings to max. Watching the slides while listening to the audio is useful as well.)

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