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Postcolonial_PiracyThe anthology Postcolonial Piracy. Media distribution and cultural production in the global south, edited by Lars Eckstein and Anja Schwarz from Potsdam University, is out. It was published by Bloomsbury in late 2014 whom Lars and Anja convinced to do so under a CC licence. The book says BY-NC-SA while the university website says BY-NC-ND and the Bloomsbury website doesn’t say anything at all.  Bloomsbury presents the book in “PDF page image format” as “Bloomsbury Open Access”, telling the reader: “The pages are provided here to facilitate browsing. If intending to read in full, you may prefer to download the original PDF,” but not providing an opportunity to download. Anyway, it is available for download as postprint at the University Potsdam.

The collection comes out of a conference under the same title in December 2011 in Berlin. It includes my contribution “On the Benefits of Piracy”, pre-published under the title “A Proposal for Legalizing Small-Scale Physical Copyright Piracy Book Publishing, Video Films and Music in Developing Countries”.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Towards a Postcolonial Critique of Modern Piracy — Lars Eckstein and Anja Schwarz

Part 1 Conceptions: The Domain of Postcolonial Piracy

  • Revisiting the Pirate Kingdom — Ravi Sundaram
  • Beyond Representation: The Figure of the Pirate — Lawrence Liang
  • On the Benefits of Piracy — Volker Grassmuck
  • ‘Dreaming with BRICs?’ On Piracy and Film Markets in Emerging Economies — Shujen Wang

Part 2 Reflections: Reframing the Discourse of Postcolonial Piracy

  • The Paradoxes of Piracy — Ramon Lobato
  • Depropriation: The Real Pirate’s Dilemma — Marcus Boon
  • Keep on Copyin’ in the Free World? Genealogies of the Postcolonial Pirate Figure — Kavita Philip
  • Interrogating Piracy: Race, Colonialism and Ownership — Adam Haupt

Part 3 Selections: The Work of Postcolonial Piracy

  • To Kill an MC: Brazil’s New Music and its Discontents — Ronaldo Lemos
  • ‘Justice With my Own Hands’: The Serious Play of Piracy in Bolivian Indigenous Music Videos — Henry Stobart
  • Money Trouble in an African Art World: Copyright, Piracy and the Politics of Culture in Postcolonial Mali — Ryan Thomas Skinner
  • Hacking and Difference: Reflections on Authorship in the Postcolonial Pirate Domain — Satish Poduval

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