"Open Content Licensing. From Theory to Practice" Launched

open_content_licensing_smJust off the press: Lucie Guibault, Christina Angelopoulos (eds.), Open Content Licensing. From Theory to Practice, Amsterdam University Press 2011.

Full text download / Table of Content.

“To promote the use of open content licenses, it is important to better understand the theoretical underpinnings of these licenses, as well as to gain insight into the practical advantages and inconveniences of their use. Moreover, given that the most widely used licenses, such as the GPL and the Creative Commons licenses, originate from the United States, it is also important to examine their validity and applicability from a European law perspective. This book assembles chapters written by renowned European scholars on a number of selected issues relating to open content licensing. It offers a comprehensive and objective study of the principles of open content from a European intellectual property law perspective and of their possible implementation in practice. To date, no other in-depth legal analysis has been carried out in Europe on the capacity of the open content licensing model – as a whole – to serve as an enabling factor in the dissemination and use of information.”

The collection goes back to the Academy Colloquium entitled ‘Open Content Licences: New Models for Accessing and Licensing Knowledge’, held in April 2006, organized by the Institute for Information Law of the University of Amsterdam, in conjunction with Creative Commons Netherlands. Three additional chapters are adapted from studies carried out in recent years for Creative Commons Netherlands and made possible thanks to a subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

It includes contributions by Gerald Spindler, Séverine Dusollier, Till Kreutzer and Mireille van Eechoud. My essay is entitled “Towards a New Social Contract: Free-Licensing into the Knowledge Commons.” A significantly extended version will be published shortly.


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